The Killer in Me Book Trailer Is Live!

On the set of the Killer in Me trailer: OK, so this garage isn’t that spooky. But they made it look spooky!

And it’s on EW, with the first two chapters! In time for Halloween! Check it out.

Back in June, I still wasn’t sure this trailer was going to come together. But when I visited the shoot, at an attractive and seemingly not-at-all creepy suburban house, I just knew the filmmakers were going to produce something that would give this horror fan chills. (Spoiler alert: They did.)

That shoot ended up lasting till the wee hours of the morning, but the owners of the home were excellent sports. Since book trailers don’t have credits, I want to use this space to thank them and other folks who were involved in the trailer shoot — which took place in and around Burlington, Vermont.

  • Taybra Marchese, who directed, is a Champlain College senior. Check out her other work here.
  • Michael Fisher, who produced, teaches at Champlain and has shown his films at many festivals; watch them here. He also plays the Thief in the trailer (that is one creepy silhouette!).
  • Joe Brady did the atmospheric cinematography.
  • Rebecca Berlind, Ramona Godfrey, Michael Fisher, and Howard Fisher starred.
  • Special thanks go to Jonathan and Margaret Lowell, Suzanne Lowell Marchelewicz  and Elizabeth Brody.

You guys produced a professional-looking—and creative—product on a tight budget and schedule. You even found a pay phone, which is no easy task these days.

With the free-floating ambiance of dread, POV shots, and subtle parallels between Nina and the Thief, the trailer reminds me of David Lynch, which is another way of saying I LOVE it. I’m so glad we got a chance to do a reveal. Thank you, EW, and thank you, everyone, for all your hard work!

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