New Movie Tuesday: Double Your Fun

Jesse Eisenberg in The Double.
Jesse Eisenberg in The Double.

Tuesday is the day I write a movie review for the newspaper where I work, along with blurbs for this weekend’s new releases. Come the weekend, I’ll have to see one of these movies, so it’s always a mildly exciting time for me (yes, really. I still have hope for new movies).

To be honest, I don’t have that much hope for this week’s new releases. But my pick would be As Above, So Below, a found-footage horror flick that takes place in the Paris Catacombs. Because:

a) I still don’t hate found-footage horror flicks on principle.

b) I toured the Paris Catacombs once. Miles and miles of musty, dark tunnels lined with bones and skulls. If that’s not a horror fan’s dream, what is?

Also, I found out that The Double hits DVD today (and is already available on VOD). It’s based on a Dostoyevsky tale, and it features the awesome Jesse Eisenberg as a dweeb who finds out he has a much cooler double. I love evil double stories!

Happy watching, everybody! Actually, I recommend you skip the new movies and check out Boyhood, Snowpiercer or Guardians of the Galaxy if you haven’t already, because all three are amazing in their different ways.

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